Burial or interment is the act of placing a deceased person into the ground, or tomb which is above ground . 

Why a Cemetery ?

Why a Cemetery ?

The idea of honoring our loved ones at their permanent resting place is a time-honored tradition. Whether it was the ancient Egyptians constructing the pyramids, the erection of a grand private mausoleum, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery, or a simple burial space with a marker, the idea of a dignified burial and remembering our deceased loved ones is an important tradition. We care for these places and visit them to remember and feel connected to this special person in our lives. A cemetery provides a peaceful environment for our loved ones to rest and for us to honor their memory.

  • Single-Depth Burial space

 Utilized for one person. The cemetery will have a policy regarding the type of grave marker (flat, or upright) that can be placed to identify the grave.

  • double -depth burial space 

A space for two individuals to be buried one atop the other.

  • family lot

 An area designated for multiple family members. The cemetery can provide options as to the number of burial spaces contained within the family lot.

  • lawn crypt

This is similar to a typical burial space and may be single or double depth. There is a concrete grave liner (crypt) already placed in the ground where the casket will rest.

  • Mausoleum

A building designed for above-ground placement of the casket. The casket is placed into a crypt that may be designed for one or two persons. The mausoleum may be outdoors or inside a climate-controlled building.

  • Private Estates

Available in a wide variety of offerings, depending on the cemetery. This would typically be a private mausoleum building or a private grouping of burial spaces contained within a designated area. Some cemeteries offer custom-designed family estates built to your specifications.