understand the general price list

understand the general price list

The cost is determining what type of funeral you wish to have. There are many different service options. 

They range from immediate disposition /direct burial / direct cremation / funeral with a cremation, and 

traditional funeral.

Part 1: Professional Services

A. Services - Service. facilities and transportation provide by the funeral home

  •  Professional Services- The specific services, facilities and transportation provided by the funeral home

Basic service fees are charged by the funeral provide and prices do vary. These fees are required and cover services such as: consultations, preparation and filing of permits, coordinating arrangements and third parties, overhead expenses (e.g. legal, accounting, professional licenses, insurance, maintenance and administration} According to the National Funeral Director Association averages fees are now over $2000.00

  • Embalming

Embalming is not legally required, and many choose refrigeration as an alternative. However, If a body be transported a long distance, embalming may be required

  • Dressing, Hair & Makeup

This is different than embalming. Preparing a body for viewing and visitation by applying makeup, styling hair, dressing the body can be a worthy expense as this is the last time many will see the deceased.

  • Storage and Refrigeration

Some funeral homes have a daily charge for storing a body, even if it is embalmed. Some may charge a lump sum for a set number of days.

B.Facilities and Services

C. Automotive Equipment

  • Transfer of the Remains

This is the fee for picking up the body and taking it to the funeral home.

Part 2: Merchandise- Caskets, burial vaults, urns, or other material goods purchase from the funeral home.  

  • Caskets 

Services with the body present for viewing and /or services that involve burial of the body require a casket. A rental casket can be used if cremation follows a visitation or funeral.

  • Outer Burial Container 

Most cemeteries require an outer burial container, or vault. This is not a law, but a policy adopted by most cemeteries to prevent the long-term collapse of the grave.

  • Urns

If the body is to be cremated, an urn is often selected to house the cremated remains. After cremation, the cremated remains are returned in a simple cardboard box

  • Burial Clothing
  • Programs
  • Register Book
  • Prayer Card 
  • Temporary Grave Marker

Part 3:  Cash Advance

Items are funeral-related goods and services that are not provided directly by the funeral home but are instead purchased from outside sources as needed. 

  • Certified Copies of death certificate

 In Penn  cost $20.00 each . They are purchased from the state and are needed for insurance, title transfers and other financial transactions.

  • Cemetery Charges

Costs vary among cemeteries. 

  • Clergy/Church Honorarium

It is customary to offer the clergy or church that is conducting the funeral service an honorarium. This is Typically about $125.00

  • Music Honorarium

If there are musician involved in the  service, their fees are normally $125-$150 each?

  • Obituary Notices

Obituary notices are charge by the line in Philadelphia; the longer the notice, the more expensive the price.

  • Flowers

Floral costs vary among florist