A personalized funeral service touches friends and families and celebrates a life well-lived. When planning a service, it's helpful to think of of  the unique qualities of the recently deceased and create a service that honor traits. A personalized funeral will be memorable for friends and family provide a feeling of closure knowing that the life your loved one has been truly celebrated.


Memorial Videos are the perfect way to celebrate and honor the life of a special loved one. Designed with healing in mind, tribute videos bring memories of happier times to friends and become a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.


Honor your loved one special memorial candles that are ideal way to share their memory among family and close friends. Our long-lasting candles will burn for over 100 hours. Choose between several inspirational quotes, or simple "In Loving Memory" incorporated with a photo of your loved one and the dates of birth and death.


Folk Funeral Home has an extensive library of recorded music for you to choose from as part of the funeral service or following reception. In addition, we can provide live musicians based on the type of music your loved one enjoyed. For instance, the family of a person who enjoyed bluegrass music chose to have the soft sounds of a hammered dulcimer playing during the funeral service, instead of the more traditional organ music.


Bagpipe music has roots in traditional Irish and Scottish funerals, but gradually became a tradition for firefighters and police officers. These days, bagpipes are commonly integrated into service, playing tunes such as "Amazing Grace" and "Danny Boy". They add a solemn, moving touch that is loved by many.


Casket corners can be easily customized so that the casket is decorated with a symbol that is meaningful to the deceased and loved ones.


Engravings displayed on a grave monument, marker, urn, casket or vault provide a personal, dignified reminder of the deceased that will last for generations to come. 


Motorcycle lovers can receive a send-off that celebrated their love of bikes. Motorcycle hearses are made specifically for bikers' Funeral homes offer a complete motorcade of bikes.

DOVE release

A dove release is a potent symbol during a funeral service because the doves used in releases are trained to fly away home.

RELEASE of balloons or butterflies

An enchanting addition to a service is the release of balloons or butterflies. Many companies are available to help provide these services. Balloons can be released with personal information imprinted on them or with something personal attached to them.