What happens next

When a death occurs, the order in which things need to be done often depends on where the death occurred. But, one thing should always be remembered: your heightened emotional state upon the death of a loved one. That's why we suggest that you ask a friend for help - someone who is more able to think clearly and give you the support you need.

At Home or at Work

Unexpected Death at Home without hospice

The Family is to call 911 for an officer to come to the residence. The officer will then contact the local medical examiner and notify them of passing and see if loved one is to be transported to the medical examiner’s morgue.

If in any case you are not sure of who to notify or what to do, you may call (215) 463-8140, and we'll assist you in notifying the proper agencies.

While Under Supervised Care

If Medical Examiner Takes your loved one

Should your loved one be transported to the local morgue where the examination/ autopsy will take place. The medical examiner contacts the family once the deceased is clear to be released to the funeral home. 

If Loved one does Not go to medical examiner

If Loved one does Not go to medical examiner

The Police officer will inform the family to contact the funeral home of their choice to come complete the removal of their loved one from the residence. 

Widening the Circle

Hospital inpatient or Emergrncy Room

The nurse or attending doctor will pronounce death. Your loved one will be then taken to the morgue.The family will then notify the hospital of their choice of funeral home that will come to remove your loved one to the funeral home.

Those Important Questions

Hospice care at home

If your loved one was under home hospice care but a nurse wasn’t present at time of passing, family are to call the nurse to come to the home and pronounce death. Then the hospice nurse will contact the funeral home of the family’s choice and facilitate the transportation of their loved one.

What to Expect When You Arrive at the Funeral Home


The hospice nurse will pronounce death and contact the funeral home of the family's choice and arrange for the removal of your loved one from hospice to the funeral home.