Mitchum-wilson funeral home, inc.

Mitchum-wilson funeral home, inc.

If you have recently experienced the loss of a loved one, Please accept our sincerest condolences during this difficult time.

We are here to help guide you through the complex process of funeral planning and arrangements, and we will make sure you get the service that you and your loved one deserve for a reasonable price.

Mitchum-Wilson  is a culturally diverse, Family Owed and Operated Funeral Home. We have  serviced the  Philadelphia and Surrounding Areas  Since 1965. Whether your planning a Traditional Funeral, Cremation or Memorial Service, it is our purpose at all times to render a considerate and thoughtful service that will earn your confidence and trust.

You can count on us to help you plan a personal and customized tribute to your loved one. And we'll carefully guide you through the many decisions that must be made during this challenging time.

Our funeral home staff is dedicated to helping you plan every aspect of the funeral for your loved one. We 'll carefully explain your options so you can choose the service that is best for you.

You are welcome to call us at any time of the day, any day of the week, for immediate assistance. Or, visit our funeral home at your convenience.

we are pleased to provide you with full disclours of our services

To help you understand funeral cost we have prepared an outline of the categories that make up a funeral account. These are basically four sections: Casket & Merchandise Seletions, Professional Service Charges, Cash Disbursements and the government imposed taxes on applicable items Regulatory Fee.

To aid consumers, leglistation requires that all funeral home must provide an itemized price list of all of their related professional services charges as well as casket and merchandise charges. This list must be available at consumers request without cost or obligation.

We pride ourselves on always being one of the most reasonably priced funeral homes in the area, although many expect our charges to be much higher given our extensive facilities and the level of service and suport we provide. We proactively work toward providing the highest standards of services and facilities while offering sensible and affordable solution.

What is Dispostion?

These are several options for disposition of a deceased person's remains.

Burial- One alternative is burial. burial can be direct or after a funeral. In either case, burial usually requires that you purchase a casket and a cemetery plot and that you pay for the opening and closing of the grave and cemetery upkeep. At most cemeteries, a grave liner or vault is also required.

Cremation- If cremation is chosen, neither a casket nor embalming is generally required. But if the body must be held for several days, refrigeration or embalming may be necessary. Cremation, like burial, can be direct or after a funeral. 

Donation - Whether  a body is to be buried or cremated part or all of it can first be donated to improve the quality of life of others, or indeed, to give the gift of life itself.

Casket & Merchandise

All of our caskets and merchandise are priced separately-meaning the price you see for the casket is for the casket itself with no other items included.

cash disbursment

Cash disbursements are as they imply-third party expenses. Strict legistation ensures that these items are not marked up and only the exact "cost" is included on the funeral account. Upon family approval and if selected, typical cash disbursements might. include:

  • Certified copies of death certificate- In Pennsylvania, these copies cost $20.00 each. They are purchased from the state and are needed for insurance, title transfers, and other financial transactions.
  • Cemetery charges - Cost vary among cemeteries. Grave costs will vary in price. depending on the cemetery and location. Interment fees (the charge by the cemetery to open and close the grave) for casketed burial generally range from $900.00 to $1800.00, and interment of cremated remains typically range from $800.00 to $1300.00. National Cemetery will provide graves, interment and markers fee of charge to eligible veterans and their spouse or dependents.
  • Crematory charge - The crematory charge is currently $400.00. This is included in our charge for immediate cremation, but assessed separately when cremation occurs following service.
  • Clergy Honorarium -It is customary to offer the clergy or church that is conducting the funeral service an honorarium. This is typically about $125.00 
  • Music Honorarium - If there are  musicians involved in the service, their fees are typically $125.00- $150.00.
  • Flowers- Floral costs vary among florists . Family bouquets usually cost $100.00 to $250.00 per arrangement.
  • County Medical Examiner Cremation Approval fee   - If cremation is desired as the type of final disposition, the cremation Must be approved by the medical examiner that has jurisdiction in the county in which the death occurred. Many medical examiner charge for this approval and the fee range from $25.00 to $125.00.

Payment options

Losing someone you love is always an emotionally wrenching experience-and thinking about the financial ramifications can be similarly difficult. What matters the most is honoring the wishes of your loved one while also providing a meaningful way for you and your family members to grieve. To help make this possible, we accept a wide range of payment option.

Some of the payment methods we accept include:

  • Cash
  • Check, Money Order, or Cashier's Check
  • Credit Card(Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express)
  • Insurance Policy with the beneficiary consent. The policy can be used as payment for the funeral expense. Insurance assignment is acceptable if the following criteria is met:

The policy is verified by us, and all documentation is signed preceding the funeral, assignable and payable directly to the funeral ,and non-contestable (if in the contestable period the policy will not be accepted as a form of payment).

As a final note, it is our policy to provide funeral services to all those within our community, and we do not wish for anyone to be limited by finances; if hardship is an issue, we ask that you contact us to speak more about the option that we can provide.

why we don't list our prices

Unlike some funeral homes, you won't see a price list on our website. That's because there is no one size fits all all memorial-every family is unique, and so  every service we provide can be tailored to your exact needs and budget. 

Rather than displaying a low initial price with hidden or extra fees afterward, Mitchum-Wilson works with you to create a meaningful celebration for your love one within a budget that suits your needs. Our highly trained professionals konw how to make your funeral service affordable, without sacrificing the care and dignity your loved one deserves.

our community

The owner, Charlene E. Wilson-Doffoney,and their staff, believe in giving back and being involved in the community. Every year they provide variety of levels of sponsorship to worthwhile causes.