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It’s about bringing those you love together, at a time of loss. It’s a natural thing to do, and over time, has become a socially-expected practice. More importantly, a funeral or memorial service, whether traditional, or contemporary, is the first step in healing.

You can have your service anywhere, and any way, you want. Your choices include the place of celebration, day of the week, and time of day; the musical selection, what prayers will be said or songs you’d like sung. We can arrange to have doves, butterflies, or balloons released at the close of the service. Keepsake gifts of wildflower seeds or a tree seedling can be given. We’re here to help you create the most memorable and meaningful service to honor your loved one.

Rental Caskets

Families are increasingly requesting to rent a casket. to facilitate this request we offer a casket designed to allow for this service. the casket is a specially crafted unit that facilitates an inner simple container to hold the body. the casket itself acts as "shell" around this container making it suitable for public visitation and viewing.

After the funeral service, the funeral director removes the inner comtainer holding the boby is then transported to the place of disposition,usually a crematorium.

The outer casket is reused for a number of services. Eventually the casket reaches a point of wear and it is destroyed. Because its usage is limited, the rental casket is replaced after a relatively small number of uses. However, due to the reusable nature of these units they are appreciated by families with environmental concerns.

Cremation Caskets

This type of casket is used to house the body in the process of cremation. It must be made of a combustible material and rigid enough to handle the body with ease and protect the health and safety of crematorium personnel. Cardboard, plywood, and select finished woods(with metal part removed)are acceptable for use in cremation.

Wooden csakets

Hand-crafted like find furniture, each wooden casket has its own unique grain. the natural warmth and beauty of wood is available in avariety of types and species. The interior material of a wood casket is typically either velvet or crepe. The classification "hardwood' simply means that the wood commmes from a leaf-bearing tree. "Softwood" comes from the needle or cone-bearing trees. Therefore, designation as a hardwood is not determined solely by consistency or surface hardness of the wood itself, but the species of the tree from which it came.

cloth covered

An economical choice for families, cloth covered caskets are modestly priced as a result of the construction methods and naterials used in their manufacturing process.

Metal Casket

The majority of metal caskets available on the market today are known as' protective" caskets. once closed, a locking mechanism draws the lids onto the base and the casket forms a seal. This seal protects the deceased from the entrance of air and other gravesite elements. Metal caskets are commonly manufactured in 20,18, and 16 gauge steel. Interiors are testefully coordinated in a variety of materials from crepe to velvet allowing for a range of pricing to meet a wide variety of budget concerns.

Burial Vault 

A burial vault is a sealed outer receptacle that house the casket. It helps resist water and preserve the beauty of the cemetery by preventing the ground from settling. For families wishing to choose a burial vault, there are a number of option avaiable. The most common option are:

  • Standard concrete vault
  • Fiberglass vault
  • Urn vault

Traditional Cremation Urns

We offer a large selection of urns house the cremated remains. These include wood urns, made of pine, mahogany, oak, and cherry. Other selection include urns made of  mable, cermic, cloisonne, bronze, granite, pewter, and copper. Costs are often reflective of the design, workmanship, and the rarity and quality of the materials used.

Eco-Friendly urn & Scattering Tubes

These choices are earth friendly and are made of sand, tree bark, white hemp, biodegradable plastic. Certain types are suitable for earth burial or water release. When buried in the earth, they begin to breakdown usualluy over a 60 to 90 day period. Those that are used for water release float fro approximately 15 to 20 minutes before submerging. Individuals who wish to scatter can use a scattering tube which enables the cremated remains to be beautifully released.

Service stationery

At Mitchum-Wilson Funeral Home we can help you with choosing the right stationery for your service including register books and thank you cards.

keepsakes-mementos, jewelry,
personalized items

We offer a selection of keepsake items which take memories to a personal level. Designer items have been carefully crafted to hold a small portion of cremated remains. Any of or funeral director can show and explain the variety of items available.