roadmaster motorcycle hearse

Roadmaster motorcycle hearse $995.00

We are here to make your loved one's final journey one that will be forever remembered and cherished  by family and friends. For those who always wanted to, and for those wanting a unique and memorable end to their journey in life this a special one-of-kind service. Family members of a Fallen Soldier, Motorcycle Clubs, Police Officer, Firefighter, who are looking for a unique service for their loved one, appreciate the six foot windows on each side of the coach that show the flag draped casket in full view.

This Service Includes

  •  Motorcycle Hearse and Driver
  • The Hearse Driver will be dressed in a white shirt, black pants and vest and black boots. This  is a conservation look befitting the funeral 
  • and motorcycle community, and upholds the solemnity of the occasion.
  • We will travel to your location in a matching truck with trailer to transport the hearse
  • We'll transfer the remains in the hearse and lead the funeral profession with dignity, honor and respect.
  • We encourage taking the routes that were a favorite ride or pass a sentimental, meaningful place to remember the deceased.
  • Transportation from the funeral home or church to the place of interment, up to 20 loaded miles.