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As a local leader in the funeral services profession. we've never lost sight of what we do best:celebrating life and passionately supporting the families families we serve. We invite you to discover how Mitchum-Wilson can help you create the perfect memorial.

The gathering of family and freinds is of proven worth and value for those w.ho have lost a loved one. It provides an opportunity for the survivors and others who share in the loss, to express their love, respect, grief, and appreciation for a life that has been lived. It permits facing openly and realistically the crisis that death present and realististically the crisis that death present and the emotional adjustment of loss. More importantly, the gathering brings people together to offer support during a difficult time.

The family specifies the type of gathering to honour the life of the deceased. Funeral directors are trained to assist families in arranging whatever type of gathering they desire. Fmailies can choose where the gathering takes place- at the funeral home or a place of worship. The presence of friends at this time is an acknowledgement of friendship and support.

complete funeral servcie

The complete funeral service is of a traditional nature. This includes a family or public viewing of the deceased. Following this will be a  gathering  and ceremony, normally at the funeral home or church. This would be followed by the earth burial of the casketed remains. The family and friends usually return for a time of food and fellowship.

Repass/Time of Fellowship

This  is a more informal gathering of family and friends and usually includes a time of sharing and tribute, or even a short program. Food is usually provide and gathering takes place in hall or our funeral reception room.

Complete Cremation service

The complete cremation service combines a tradition approach with cremation. This service will be like a complete funeral service except cremation will follow instead of the casketed burial. The family can choose the use of a cremation casket( casket designed to be cremated) or a rental casket to enable the body being present at the service or ceremony. Following the viewing, service or ceremony  the deceased is cremated and remaind can be buried, scattered, or returned to the family for keeping.

the service of remembrance/memorial service

A memorial service is a gathering of family and freinds without the body present and takes place at the funeral home or church. This type of gathering can follow a public or private casket or urn burial. However, in some cases when cremation is chosen, the urn is present for the service. Ceremony and procedures vary greatly according to the community and religious affilations. Even a public or private visitation can be included prior to the gathering if the family so chooses.

Graveside services

The Graveside Service can be another selection. This would usually follow a time of visitation at the funeral home. The casketed body or cremated remains in urn would then be transferred to the cemetery where a graveside ceremony would take place followed by the burial.

Private Service

This service is by invitation only and may be held at a place of worship, a funeral home, or a family residence .Usually, selected relatives and a few close friends attend the gathering. Often a visitation is held and condolences expressed.

Option provided by Cemeteries

Cemeteries usually offer in-ground graves for casket or urn burials, niches in a columbarium for urn placement, scattering gardens for cremated remains, vaults and opening and closing of graves.


Friends, relatives, church member or business associates may be asked to serve as bearers carrying the casket or urn. The funeral director will secure this group of people or an individual if requested to do so by the family.

Honorary Pallbearers

This group of people are recognized in a special way for being involved in the life of the loved one or friend. They do not actively carry the casket  the casket or urn.


A member of the family, clergy, a close personal friend, or business assocoate of the deceased, may give a eulogy. The eulogy or tribute is not to be lengthy, but should offer praise and commendation and reflect the life of the peron who has died.


It is helpful to friends and the community to have an obituary notice published announcing the death and where the gathering will take place. The published obituary allows the community to learn of the loss and initiate support.


Wearing colorful clothing is no longer inappropriate for relatives and friends. Persons attending the gathering should be dressed in good taste so as to show dignity and respect for the family and the occasion. It has even become acceptable for the family to request that the friends and reflects a certain theme, color, or some aspect of the deceased's interests.

Funeral Procession

When the funeral ceremony and the burial are both held within the local area, friends and relatives might accompany the family to the cemetery. The procession is formed by the funeral director who can advise you of the traffic regulations and procedures to follow while driving in a funeral procession