about us

Our goal is to provide you as much information as possible regarding the cost of the service we provide. We are available to serve you 24 hours a day, everyday. Our costs include wages, taxes,maintenance,supplies,advertising, utilities, insurance, upkeep and operation of a preparation room,licenses, and continuing education requirements, inventory, conference with family, filing of paperwork, obituaries, coordinating the funeral, visitation, transporting equipment to place of service, care and handling of flowers, operation of hearse and service vehicle, and much more.

When comparing prices with other funeral homes, you must be careful to compare like goods and services and the total price. Some funeral homes give a perception of low cost by giving a basic service charge, only to add on other expenses for services families desire and should expect with funeral service.

Our General Price List is available upon request.

Credit Policy

Our highest priority when called upon be families is to provide caring, compassionate, and dignified funeral service and to be accommodating in the choices of services and merchandise that you choose.

Secondly, it is fair to say in these business dealings that the funeral home shall expect to be paid in a timely fashion for the arranged services and merchandise as anyone else would expect.

We have been and always will be understanding to the financial burden that funerals can cause,however, The funeral home is a small business and it depends greatly on its patrons. Its is a bank or lending institution.

Payment Option/ Insurance Claims